Friday, August 26, 2016

Summer's Coming to an End

Dear Sean,
     Well, son, congratulations. It looks like the wedding pulled off without a hitch. I’m so proud of you, and your mom and I are so happy to welcome Shannon to the family, and I know your sister, Brianna, is very excited to have a sister-in-law as well. It’s just great. We wish you all the happiness in the world.

     Summer is already coming to a close in Highland County. The days are getting shorter. Last night, it was almost dark by 8:30. The Highland County Fair is next week, and, as you know, that seems to be the official close of summer in Highland County. I just can’t believe how much the time flies. I guess what they say is true – time flies when you’re having fun. Between your wedding and all the projects we have going on here at the farm; it’s not surprising this summer has gone by so quickly.

     Hay is down now, so we will be bailing tomorrow, getting ready for the winter. We'll keep what we need for Mom’s sheep, and the rest will be donated to the folks in West Virginia. We sure know they could use it.

     The pumpkin patch is getting larger! We’re definitely going to have a lot of pumpkins for the kids to pick at the Hands & Harvest Festival in October.

     And the apple orchard is coming along nicely! We got the fence up this summer and the trees and raspberry bushes are growing very well and are very healthy. Of course, it’s going to be about three years before the trees really start to produce a whole lot, but I did find two little apples in the back corner of the orchard! It will be nice to be able to grow apples on site.
One of the two little apples I found in the orchard
Speaking of apples, we’ve also talked to the folks at the orchard where we’ve been getting apples in the past – they’re going to have apples ready for us for Hands & Harvest this year, so we can continue to make apple butter during the festival. Man, that is a big attraction here at the farm. Families love to see how apple butter is made and even be a part of stirring the apple butter as it cooks. Plus, kids love to see how the press works when we make apple cider! The Hands & Harvest Festival is definitely a growing attraction not only for the county but for Fair Lawn Farm as well!

     Well, it’s starting to get more daylight out this morning, so I’d better get ready to go out on the farm and get some things done. Again, your mom and I are so happy for you and Shannon, and we wish you all the best in the world. Take care of that beautiful bride!



  1. Great approach, Tim! Now, did you print out this letter and drop it in the mail today??